Bachmann's voters shock the country as she wins reelection

How did Rep. Michele Bachmann win this? We still don't know. Did her voters see her ridiculous statements? If they did, we officially feel sorry for their neighbors. Another two years of God-loving craziness. What can she say next? We can't even predict.

Here is the final tally:

Bachmann: 46%
Elwyn Tinklenberg 43%
Bob Anderson 10%
All precincts are in

The Star Tribune has a report on the race and a video of her party.

Bachmann credited her victory to her vote against the $700 billion financial rescue package and her campaign to open up restricted areas for oil drilling to bring down the price of gasoline.

She said that wherever she went, "those two issues people appreciated," she said.

At least we will have more insanity to report on for two more years. What are we most looking forward to? Bachmann planting a huge one on Barack Obama (lips or cheek?) when she can get her hands on him.

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People actually know a decent woman when they see one. She is a dedicated mother with a heart of gold. Funny, how those with a conservative viewpoint are accused of promoting hate and it's those on the left who spew the most vile venomous speech.


It must mean that the people in her district are as uneducated and just as uncouth as she is. I'm glad I do not live there. 


 @taniarusso That's right,,,,  more ad hominem attacks.  You are intellectually "uncouth".

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