Rybak loves Obama finger puppets, breaking rules in malls

Categories: Creepy

Mayor RT Rybak had a wild time over at Gaviidae Commons and he wants to you join in on the fun. With free parking! (Hat tip: MnIndy for the clip)

Rybak gets a child-like excitement when he fines, you've guessed it, Barack Obama finger puppets! What a find. Luckily he didn't make the puppet dance and he definitely didn't violate it. Think of the jokes we could make!

Watch the video here:

Rybak does some other wild things during his adventure: buys a coffee and doesn't drink it, stands backwards on the escalator, walks backwards down an escalator and tells God about the free parking. This is exactly what we love in a mayor.

And as if that isn't enough, he has a sense of humor too! He pokes fun at himself for his bad driving record.

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