Senate recount begins, disappoints with lack of drama

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The recount in the race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken started today without a bang, except a lot of coverage telling us the news of the day: the recount is finally on its way.

There have been a couple reports since the recount started, but it's mostly nice fluffy anecdotes to make us all confident that this recount will be drama free.

The Pioneer Press has a funny quote from one of the recount stations:

So far Ramsey County's site has offered the quote of the day: "I have to leave now because I'm being sued," said Ramsey County election manager Joe Mansky, according to the PiPress' Jason Hoppin.

The Star Tribune's Larry Oakes is up in Duluth and helped set the scene:

As they waited for the St. Louis County recount to begin, supporters of Norm Coleman and Al Franken sat on opposite sides of the St. Louis County Board room - Coleman supporters on the right and Franken supporters on the left. Naturally.

Asked for an explanation, Franken supporter Larry Anderson, a union organizer from Duluth, said: "I think the Coleman people got here first and automatically went to the right.,"

We will keep you updated if anything actually exciting develops.

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