Five best Obama photomosaics on Flickr

Mosaic -- Faces at Obama rallys.jpg

The new issue of Time magazine is a celebration of all things Obama. Among the varied portraits, one in particular caught my eye. It was a composite image created from photographs of faces of people at Obama rallys.

It's called a photomosaic. Check out the five best ones of Obama I found on Flickr.

5. Lots of blue in this one made from pictures of The Man himself:

obama blue mosaic.jpg

4. Supporters make up this mosaic which uses scaling (which is kind of a cheat):

Obama Mosaic--Supporters.jpg

3. This one is made out of newspaper front pages:

another newspaper one.jpg

2. Another one made out of front pages: 

Obama Mosaic.jpg

1. Out of many, we are one (who am I to argue with Time?):


Obama -- Out of many, we are one.jpg


out of many detail.jpg

BONUS: This was also in Time, and though it isn't a mosaic, it is an Obama head made out of Legos (Legobama?):



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