Coleman: Let's just count 133 rejected absentee ballots


Talk about complete opposites. Al Franken has asked that the state Canvassing Board count all 1,346 ballots deemed wrongly rejected by election officials. Norm Coleman, on the other hand, says they should count just 133 of them. Coleman also wants to add several hundred that weren't originally considered wrongly rejected by the officials.

More from the Star Tribune:
The dispute sets up the potential for a contentious series of meetings around the state Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between county officials and the two campaigns over which absentee ballots should be counted or remain excluded. 
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the campaigns and the county election officials must agree on which absentee ballots will be counted and sent to the Secretary of State by the end of the day Friday. The Secretary must count them by Jan. 4.
133? Seriously? Isn't Coleman trying to win this thing? Still waiting to figure out where these 133 come from. We wouldn't be surprised if they are ballots with the highest probability of being Republican voters.

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