Flying Spaghetti Monster, Brett Favre, Frankenstein big winners in Minn. recount


We might dominate the country in voter turnout, but that doesn't mean we take it seriously. That became abundantly clear today as the state Canvassing Board reviewed some ballots with some unique choices for candidates.

Wouldn't Minnesota be a better place if Flying Spaghetti Monster, Brett Favre or Frankenstein represented us in Washington, D.C.? We thought so too.

Earlier we reported on the Lizard People ballot, which received a lot of attention last month during the recount. Now we have more people to make fun of.

The strange votes seemed to pay off for Franken, the Star Tribune says.
Franken did better on a Sauk Rapids ballot that was marked for him but had "Flying Spaghetti Monster" and "FSM" written in other places. He also won a challenge on a Mankato ballot on which the voter had blackened his oval but extended his name to read "Al Frankenstin."

Trimble argued that the voter hadn't cast his vote for Franken, but for someone named Frankenstin. "The candidate is still identified as the candidate of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party," Elias countered. The board voted 3-2 to award the vote to Franken.
Another Minnesota wiseass voted for Brett Favre. How embarrassing.


Here is a video by The Uptake of the board's discussion of the ridiculous ballots:

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