Hilton Hotels Corp. denies misconduct in Minneapolis orgy


Hilton Hotels Corporation filed their responses to the three lawsuits we reported on this week. The corporation denies any misconduct. The hotel chain has been under fire this week after two lawsuits claimed that women were fired after reporting a sex party with senior level executives in one of the Minneapolis Hilton banquet rooms.

Clearly Hilton didn't realize that formally announcing orgies in your hotel complex might draw some pretty epic crowds of customers looking to get in on the fun. These companies have to survive the economic collapse somehow, right?

Check out the Hilton responses (and PDFs) below.

The first lawsuit, filed by Deborah Smith, alleges that she was fired after she walked in on a senior executive orgy in one of the banquet halls. When she reported it to Human Resources, she claims she was fired.

According to the Hilton Response, Smith's wasn't fired for reporting any incident. "Plaintiff's employment ended when she failed to return from a leave of absence," the response says.

They also acknowledged that Smith made a complaint to Human Resources Director Traci Schultz, but they don't specify what it was in regards to or how it was handled.

Orgy participant April Bezdichek is suing the company as well as James M. Vennewitz, 38, who was the hotel beverage manager at the time of the incident. He allegedly invited her to the work party without specifying what was going to take place. She is suing for eight counts, including sexual harassment, assault, invasion of privacy, battery conduct, negligence, and retaliation. After reporting the incidents, she said she was no longer called in for shifts and resigned.

In the Hilton response to her lawsuit, the company denies the allegations, but gives us a clue as to why the "party" took place:
Defendants admit Vennewitz invited Plaintiff to the hotel to celebrate the completion of a large project with other employees.
The third lawsuit isn't directly related to the orgy, but involves sexual harassment as well. Bartender Harley Gayle, 41, of Columbia Heights is suing Hilton Hotels after he ended a relationship with manager Kim Thompson. Gayle says he was retaliated against and eventually had to resign due to the work conditions.

Hilton denied the allegations.

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