Hilton orgy exec's wife speaks!



When the news broke that a second former Minneapolis Hilton employee had come forward to confirm accounts of an executive orgy in the posh hotel's banquet halls, we had a little journalism orgy of our own, tackling the holes in coverage from every possible position. But one crevice remained unexplored, which is why we decided to call the defendant's wife.

We obtained the home phone number for alleged orgier beverage manager James M. Vennewitz from whitepages.com. The answering machine picked up and directed us to call "Angel's" cell phone if we needed to reach her immediately.

Husband allegedly involved in orgy? We think this qualifies.

But how to go about broaching the subject? We couldn't exactly blurt out, "What do you think of the allegations that your husband 'pulled a coworker onto his lap and pumped her up and down on his erect penis'?", now could we?

After much deliberation, we decided to leave the word "orgy" out of our introduction. We'd say we were journalists interested in "the situation" at the Hilton involving a lawsuit that was "sexual in nature." It named James M. Vennewitz, and we were wondering if he was in relation to you?

Angel picked up after just a few rings and was surprisingly upbeat. "Yes, that is my husband," she chirped. "And all I can say is you are going to have to talk to the attorneys."

Wow. That's a lot better than we would have taken it.

orgy photo 1.jpg

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