The ultimate White Elephant game, with no canned ham!

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White Elephant gift exchanges can be really lame, particularly when you go home with canned food. But local advertising agency Preston Kelly has a great e-Edition of the famous holiday game where winners can actually win cool prizes. Want a Wii fit? An iPod? A gift card for booze at Surdyk's? 

The best thief wins!

Preston Kelly's White Elephant game is much like a live version. Each player (limited to 1,000) picks a wrapped gift and opens it. You then have a chance to steal other people's gifts. If someone steals your most-wanted gift, sign back on later (they'll email you) and take it back. It's all about having your prize when the clock strikes noon on Friday.

So start stealing! You might win one of the awesome prizes or get stuck with the humping chihuahua. 

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