Three things we learned from the Hilton orgy (with photos!)

Nothing chases away the blue Mondays like a story about hoteliers having a massive gang bang on the buffet table.

For those of you who missed it, a former employee of the Minneapolis Hilton is suing the chain after allegedly being terminated after witnessing a Caligula-style sex romp.

Smith was fired after she opened the door to a banquet room at the Hilton. Inside this room, she discovered an orgy involving Hilton upper management. Specifically, when Smith opened the door to the banquet room, she saw various Hilton executives inebriated and engaging in sexual acts. In fact, she observed Hilton executives on top of a table engaging in sexual activity.

While the story itself is pretty eye-opening, there are three additional revelations to be gleaned ...

1) Despite running a hotel chain, Hilton executives still do not know how to correctly use this device:




2) If you've been settling for a continental breakfast, you've been getting ripped off.

continental breakfast.jpg


3) Paris is actually the prude of the family.

Paris video.jpg

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