Foshay Tower basejump on YouTube: It's raining fools

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By now, you've likely heard about the basejump off of Foshay Tower. The best part is that the perpetrators of the crime returned to the the Foshay to show off pictures of their illegal feat, which is how the fools were apprehended:

They left, but returned with a laptop computer about nine hours later to the bar at the W Hotel on the first floor. General Manager Susan Mabry told KSTP-TV they showed the video to some of the bar patrons.

People are shouting out "Super Dave!" and celebrating, but this was a dangerous crime that put others at risk and involved property damage. Not only did it involve cutter part of the fence that prevents just this sort of thing from happening, but in the event that the parachute failed this guy would have become a deadly fleshbomb for anybody unlucky enough to be passing below when he decided to show off his cajones.

Here's Eyewitness 5, which broke the story:

In the interest of balance, the Downtown Journal has an interview with a (different) Foshay Tower basejumper defending his actions:

Before he was prevented from BASE jumping off the Falls and Pinnacle and arrested for allegedly trespassing, Joe Johnson had jumped off of Downtown skyscrapers about once a month.

"Falling down the side of a building and looking back -- it's amazing," he said.

Johnson said that after more than two years of BASE jumping, this was the first time he had ever been caught. Stealth is part of the skill of BASE (which stands for Building Antenna Span Earth) jumping, Johnson explained. If you want to jump off the same building twice, you can't be seen. At the top of skyscrapers in the early morning hours, BASE jumpers can see for miles and they jump down to land in the street when no traffic is coming.

"We are careful not to damage anything, and not leave anything behind," Johnson said. "We are not vandals, we just need high objects to jump off of."

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Huh, just came across this. Let me set a few things straight.

1 - Care was taken to make the jump over an area that would provide the most outs for the jumper considering the current winds. Also, so that if the worst were to happen, no one would be hurt.

2 - There was no property damage. To climb out of the fence one only needed to loosen a nut, pull the bolt out and open the gate. This is how it was and this is how it was left. I'm assuming W Hotel is says otherwise in case there is a safety violation of sorts?

3 - There was no fighting with police. There was only one questionable action brought on when police knocked one of the arrested to the ground. The other two went peacefully. In fact, the police had to run to the next block to get the last one because he just walked away with no one bothering him.

This was a long time ago now. But I still have to chuckle when I come across the story and see the inaccuracies. In the end none of the three were convicted of anything. The jumper himself wasn't even charged with anything. The two others were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing legal process but were not convicted of anything. 

A lot of discrepancies between the police story and what actually happened. Even more so when it comes to the news story.

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