Hilton Hotels video game: Does it include virtual orgy?


Normally when a company makes a video game about running their own business it's a total snooze, but when we got news of the new Hilton Garden Inn video game, we couldn't keep it in our pants. The company developed a training game for Sony's PlayStation Portable Platform where employees can pretend to deal with real life issues. Players take on routine hotel roles including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and food service.

After the string of lawsuits at the Minneapolis Hilton accusing employees of hosting a hot-and-heavy orgy in one of their banquet rooms, we couldn't help but wonder: Does the game simulate virtual orgies? The game is named ULTIMATE TEAM PLAY (their capitalization, not ours) after all.

Here is a description of the game:
As players roam the virtual hotel they interact with guests as they would in the real world seeking to perform their jobs in specific ways to improve customer service scores using a unique scoring system that drives all brand service assessment for hotels that are part of Hilton Hotels Corporation.
The game doesn't seem to address the far more interesting side of scoring at the Hilton Hotels: How does one coordinate top hotel management orgies and how do you avoid getting sued afterward for sexual harassment?

Hilton Hotels received a whole lot of bad (or good, depending on your tastes) press last month when a former employee of the Minneapolis hotel sued the chain for harassment-by-orgy after she walked in on drunken upper management group sex in one the hotel's banquet halls. She also claims she experienced retaliation after reporting the orgy to human resources. A participant in the orgy also came forward, suing one of the managers who she said misled her to participate. She also says she was retaliated against for reporting it.

There really is no better way to train employees in appropriate sex relations at work than through a super hot video game version of it. Maybe they will learn to take their naked fun into a locked hotel suite when they decide to get a little wild in the workplace.

Bring on the orgies, virtual or not. We all need a little ULTIMATE TEAM PLAY in our lives.

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