Minnesotan gets inauguration ticket, wants wild orgy in hotel


There are some Minnesotans who don't get out much. So when they take a trip half way across the country to see the nation's first black president get sworn in, they better have the weekend of a lifetime. For some, that involves wild jacuzzi orgies. 

A Minnesotan who received tickets to the swearing-in ceremony Tuesday was one of many who posted an Obama-related ad on craigslist looking for some willing orgy participants. He even gave a shout out to Sen. Amy Klobuchar. How thoughtful! Perhaps his awesome abilities to win a lottery inauguration ticket will help him score in bed too.

Here is the ad: (via)
GObama! Looking to make a great weekend even better - m4w - 25 (DC Hotel) 
Reply to: pers-997712294@craigslist.org Date: 2009-01-18, 
1:18PM EST 
I'm in town for Obama's inauguration...I even got tickets from my congresswoman! Thanks Amy Klobuchar! 
I want to make this great weekend even better by hanging out, and getting kinky, with a girl, (or two, or three) in my hotel room jacuzzi! I have a 23rd floor suite all to myself....but hopefully not for long! 
I'll be back after dinner this evening, and I'll respond to posts then. I'd like to hear all about you, your sexual fantasies that you'd like to live out, and see a pic, or two, or three :-)
Any takers?

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