Norm Coleman's next move

As reported earlier by the MN Independent, Norm Coleman is starting a final phase to end his senate career in disgrace. While CP has called for the good senator from St. Paul to step aside for the good our state, "Exit with Honor," Coleman continues his blind march forward. 

His latest tactic is to have his supporters spam national media websites and pretty much every local media site, except City Pages, of course (was it something we said?), with pro-Coleman love notes.

Here's a list of all the websites Team Coleman wants to spam:





That's right, friends, Team Coleman is attacking the home of Jason DeRusha, the fearless heir to Edward R. Murrow's crown. The bastards. [Don't worry, DeRush, we got your back.]

Now, being off the list certainly makes it seem like they don't want to mix it up with our all-star cast of commenters, who will no doubt, use his white teeth and Quixotic attempt to win the election as a way to make a "Vision Crest" pun.

So anyhow, good City Pages readers, beware of the Pro-Coleman comments you will see in the following weeks; just like the emails you get from Nigerian kings pleading for help, they're bunk.

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