Craigslist babysitter who used child for porn gets 20 years

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Man who responded to Craigslist ad and used child for porn gets 20 years 
Aaron Jay Lemon, 23, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after using a child he was babysitting to make a pornographic video. Lemon found the babysitting gig on Craigslist. Lemon, from Little Canada, will be on supervised release for life.
Blaine TV producer says Minnesota-Wisconsin have monsters too 
MonsterQuest, the brainchild of Blaine producer Doug Hajicek, says Minnesota has monsters: "There is stuff that happens within 80 miles of the Twin Cities. We have things like the Cumberland Beast in Cumberland, Wis., right across the border. There are very good, consistent sightings in the spring and fall in the St. Croix area of a Sasquatch or Big Foot creature. We have Peppy, a sea monster that's been seen in Lake Pepin. Minnesota and Wisconsin are not monster-free." 

The Pioneer Press tells the story of one man who fought back against an intruder who raped his girlfriend and abducted her. He describes lying face down in his bedroom wrapped in a shower curtain with a knife to his throat. He told the jury he told himself "I'm not going to die like this." 

It's cheesy, but public relations at its best. The Target Plaza, the "gateway" to the new Twins stadium, will be unveiled in design form today. The plaza will extend to 1st Avenue from the stadium and incorporate the new rail station. 

Some people learn the hard way. A man responded to a knock on the door while his family was home and became a victim of an attempted home invasion. The man was able to slam them out and call police as they fled.

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