Kinky Friedman considering second run thanks to Franken

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Another reason to be thankful for Al Franken: He inspires loser celebs they can barely win elected office too.

Humorist, singer, and author Kinky Friedman failed once at a run for Texas governor, but now that Franken has proven that semi-celebs can make it happen, he's going to try it again. This time as a Democrat because apparently Democrats are gullible enough to elect them.

What did he learn from Franken's campaign? Become serious.

More from the Associated Press:
"I'm toning down the one-liners a bit. If I run, it's going to be a serious run," Friedman told The Associated Press on Tuesday, peppering the interview with one-liners. 
Friedman said he learned some hard lessons from his fourth-place defeat in 2006 to Republican Rick Perry in a race with three political veterans. He said he found out he couldn't win as an independent and that he shouldn't crack so many jokes. 
He'd rather run now with the help of a major party -- the Democrats Friedman also noted that Democratic comedian Al Franken did well in his U.S. Senate race in Minnesota, though his victory is still being debated in court. 
"So this can be done," Friedman said.

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