Marbury bought out by Knicks

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As you can see, Stephon Marbury has his failed company's logo tattooed on his head.
     Photo by cheukiecfu

Stephon Marbury's chaotic, litigious, not to mention sexually predatory time as a Knick appears to be at an end. And if the Internet astrologers are to be believed, Coney Island's finest will be headed north to Boston, rejoining his old estranged flame, Kevin Garnett. I sure do hope those crazy kids make it work.

ESPN's Marc Stein reports on the economic implications of the move:

It's believed that Marbury will be forfeiting in excess of $2 million from his $20.8 million salary this season, which would net the Knicks twice that much because of the luxury-tax savings involved.
That's so funny, I just forfeited in excess of $2 million of my own salary.  Steph and I have so much in common. For the uninitiated, here, courtesy of Truehoop, is a little Starbury primer.

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