National Journal: McCollum has most liberal voting record of 2008

Photo courtesy of Betty McCollum's office
The National Journal has released their list of voting records for 2008. Our very own Rep. Betty McCollum tied (with 11 others) for the most liberal voting record in the House of Representatives.

How did the others in the Minnesota delegation stack up?

Most liberal voting records:
13th: DFL Rep. Keith Ellison
35th: DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar
175th: DFL Rep. Tim Walz
210th: DFL Rep. Collin Peterson

Most conservative voting records:
31st: GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann
33rd: GOP Rep. John Kline
193rd: GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad

And the Senate:
DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar had the 37th most liberal voting record.
GOP Sen. Norm Coleman had the 39th most conservative voting record.

Read the full report here (via).

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