Police find jail inmate hiding under couch

Photo by Urijamjari
Not the convict, but aren't infants the only acceptable humans allowed under couches?
What a way to get busted. Huddled under your own couch probably covered in dust bunnies, food crumbs and dead bugs. Who would think hiding under a couch was a good hiding spot in the first place?

This guy apparently. Police found a missing Winona County Jail inmate this week hiding under his couch. At least he wasn't caught "like a rat" in a hole.

Ricky Allyn Lance, 27, was on work release from jail, but never returned on Dec. 29 after looking for a job, according to the Winona Daily News.

Police received a report that Lance was seen driving a car in Winona. When police found his car, they saw someone peeking from a window at a residence nearby. They later searched the house and found him hiding under a couch.

He was charged with escape from custody and possession of stolen property.

We've been in the Winona County Jail and can easily confirm that there aren't many winners behind those bars. We're actually impressed Lance was able to get himself under a couch in hopes of outsmarting the cops.

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