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The Great Bike Hope. It happened. Or at least it will happen soon. Word came to CP this morning that the bike share system we featured in a news story a couple weeks ago received federal funding. Folks in the city: get ready to ride.

Here are excerpts from the press release:

State-of-the-art U of M bike center and 1,000 bike sharing program receive Bike Walk Twin Cities federal grants

Two innovative bicycling projects -- a new U of M Bike Center with a first-of-its-kind rider frequency program and a 1,000 bike sharing program in Minneapolis -- are among the more than $4 million worth of biking and walking improvements which will be announced by Tuesday by Bike Walk Twin Cities, a federally-funded initiative to increase biking and walking and reduce driving in Minneapolis and neighboring communities.

Mayor R.T. Rybak and U of M President Robert Bruininks will host a press conference tomorrow detailing the programs and hamming it up for free publicity.

On display will be renderings of the state-of-the-art U of M Bike Center, a demonstration Bike Share security bike and more information on the U of M's pioneering "Radio Frequency ID" (RFID) technology. The RFID system, set to be implemented for the first time ever at the U of M, effectively solves the longstanding problem of bicycle commute trip validation.
The bike share program plans to launch in summer of 2010.

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