Coleman might replace Steele as RNC chairman, Politico says


An interesting rumor mill tidbit of information over at Politico today: Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele has done such a terrible job in media interviews since taking the post that the GOP might oust him and put Norm Coleman in charge instead.

We couldn't think of a better Republican to help uphold the party's values... Yes, wait for a candidate to lose the longest Senate race in Minnesota history (to a comedian, no less) and then pick him to run the party.

UPDATE: Coleman's campaign tells The Hill he has not been approached about taking the RNC job and he isn't interested.

From Politico:
WORD ON THE STREET: The next RNC chairman will be Norm Coleman, after he loses his recount fight and big donors see Michael Steele's March numbers.

More from The Hill on Coleman's response:
Coleman's campaign said that no one has asked Coleman if he's interested in the job, contrary to reports in other media outlets this morning.

"Senator Coleman believes that Chairman Steele is doing an exceptional job, is a strong voice and leader for the party," Coleman spokesman Tom Erickson said. "And, he looks forward to working with him to build the party when he returns to the United States Senate."
We're not sure if hip hop makeovers or making your donor financial data easily accessible is more admirable.

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