Minn. Zoo's highly anticipated dolphin calf born dead

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Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Zoo
The Minnesota Zoo's highly anticipated dolphin birth didn't end well this morning. Allie, a 21-year-old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, went into labor early this morning but her calf was born dead.

Complications during labor likely caused the death, the zoo says. A March 24 ultrasound showed a living calf in a good position for a safe birth.

The zoo says only 70 percent of dolphin calves survive the first 30 days. Dolphins pregnant for 12 months.

The zoo will perform a necropsy (animal autopsy) to confirm the cause of death.

The Minnesota Zoo still has three other Atlantic bottlenose dolphins besides Allie: "April," 41; "Semo," 45; and "Spree," 6.

If you are interested in what a live dolphin birth looks like, check out this video. It's amazing how fast the calf is perfectly swimming alongside the mother right after popping out.


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