Vice President Biden to visit St. Cloud this week

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Vice President Joe Biden will visit St. Cloud on Thursday for a town hall meeting as the nation's economic stimulus cheerleader. We're sure Rep. Michele Bachmann is just thrilled to welcome Biden to her district.

Biden will hold the town hall meeting at the New Flyer Bus Co. The company was picked for its progress in creating more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buses.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:
New Flyer is the largest heavy duty bus company in North America, with operations in both the U.S. and Canada. It's been around since 1930 and employs 650 people in St. Cloud.

One reason for holding the town hall there is that, unlike many companies right now, New Flyer is actually growing -- it hired 90 people last year and plans to hire more soon. It has a three- to-four-year backlog of orders, worth more than $4 billion.
While it's not clear if politics played into the locale decision, it wouldn't be a surprise. Bachmann, a Republican, has been a strong voice against the stimulus package since the start. Some speculate the Democratic White House is starting their work to shift districts in the next House elections.

DumpBachmann also made a funny comment based on the town hall meeting. They can now say Biden has held more public meetings in St. Cloud than Bachmann.

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