Avoid swine flu: Cancel your flight!

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Looks like Sun Country, NWA, and Delta will let you cancel your travel plans to Mexico. Because, yeah, you can't really drink a fruity rum drink on the beach while wearing a swine-flu mask.

Here's more details from the Pioneer Press:

Travelers scheduled to go to Mexico on Delta before May 6 can reschedule without any change fees. Travelers can even cancel a reservation and use the value of the ticket toward another, if the new flight takes place within a year from the date the original ticket was issued.

But the ticket must be reissued by May 6 to avoid the change fee.

Sun Country passengers booked to Mexico through May 12 can rebook without a fee too. The new trip has to occur no later than June 15. Those who don't rebook by May 12, you can use their ticket as a credit for another trip within one year from the date of purchase. But change fees apply after May 12.

What a pleasant surprise. Nice to see that the airlines don't treat a health outbreak as they do weather. Snow storm got you stuck? Too bad; you pay for your hotel and inconveniences.

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