Dana White F-bombs the world

photo by bdjsb7

The president of UFC (bald dude on the left) unleashed a tirade. This normally isn't news. White is known for his prodigious use of f-bombs. But White is also the person in charge of a billion dollar company. And Dana fucked-up.

White got pissed when a female journalist wrote about the lack of backstage access for agents and some managers at UFC events. Here's the full article.

Here is White's unedited response (beginning at the 5 minute mark):

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Soon after, news spread from ESPN to the LA Times. In the articles, people expressed that a person in charge of an enterprise that caters to men 19-34 shouldn't be talking with quite so salty of a tongue. Glaad also called him out.

It prompted this apology from White (at the 7 minute mark, guys start to hit each other in the balls):

White ends the video by calling two fighters "retards." He was joking when he said it but... oh well, it's Dana White. People don't watch his videos for PC language.

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