Happy Teabagging Day!

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Oh thank goodness the day has finally come. We've really been just tingling with excitement for the big day of Republican teabagging all across this great nation. Where everyone can put their sexual prejudice aside and teabag together. We're finally seeing this country come together as one.

Organizers say this could be the start of a revolution! Well if you trust Fox News to give you the real story. Count us in then.

If you are legitimately interested in attending, there are 16 locations in Minnesota hosting the fun. You'll probably regret it if you miss out.

What are they protesting again? Oh yes, higher taxes. You know, for the 5 percent of Americans who will actually see a tax increase under President Obama's tax plan. We're guessing that 5 percent won't even bother to show up. They'll let the clueless minions do the chanting for them.

If you're going to speak out against bailouts, at least you're more on message. Unfortunately organizers made the protests look like a giant joke by calling on fed-up Americans to tea bag members of Congress.

While we ripped Rachel Maddow for her terribly unfunny and never-ending segment laughing at teabaggers, one of her colleagues pulled off the joke perfectly. He pulls it off with such a serious tone and straight face you wonder if he even knows what he is saying. Genius: If you are going, True North wants to know all about what kind of wild things you are coming across. Townhall wants to hear about your "experience". Yikes.

Or if you're just a like voyeuristic, Pajama TV has live coverage from around the country.

If the teabaggers haven't overthrown the government by dinner time, we'll just call this a day of experimentation.

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