This is America: Couples married on Mall of America roller coaster

Categories: How We Live
Photo courtesy of the Mall of America
Yep. This is America at its best. It's Tax Day and 15 couples are celebrating with a free wedding on the Mall of America roller coaster. Is this a recession or what?

The newlyweds had their first "ups and downs" (har har) this morning as they married on a roller coaster in Nickelodeon Universe this morning to celebrate the 15th year of mall weddings at the Chapel of Love. Luckily the couples rode a different roller coaster than those KDWB weirdos who spent nine days on the ride to win a free Nickelodeon cruise. They likely left a layer of filth as a reminder of their experience.

We're hoping the Chapel of Love also provides a free last hurrah of "ups and downs" when the couples file for divorce in the coming years.

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