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 While each member of the Twins starting staff is appearing in at least their third respective year in the big leagues, Minnesota still boats the American League's third-youngest staff considering median age.  Despite the soupcon of experience: these boys truly are our Young Guns.

Further evidence of their youth - and their unique place in Twins history - can be found in the fact that this is the first Minnesota staff since 1990 that sports none of the following: a previous 20-game winner, a Cy Young winner, or a World Series champion/MVP.

As a means of charting said newfound rarity throughout this 2009 season, I'll occasionally revisit some Central casting herein, whereupon each staff member will be linked with the hierarchy posed by the cast of the film that, at least in name, mirrors the boys' presentation.  That film is "Young Guns," and here are the fellas in their initial roles:

Billy the Kid.jpg

"Billy" (traits: leader, fearless, brash, "Make ya' famous")

Glen Perkins: An unjust no-decision last night as he pitched brilliant ball for the second time in as many starts this season. 1.69 ERA is third best among AL picthers with two starts.  His 16 inning pitched are tied (with Kyle Lohse) for best in baseball.


Thumbnail image for Perkins.jpg









"Doc" (traits: cerebral, sensitive, respected)

Scott Baker: hell, the staff has a 5.74 ERA; somebody's got to be here.  Baker's lack of opportunity unfortunately puts him atop for now.  He makes his debut tonight.

Thumbnail image for Baker.jpg





"Chavez y Chavez" (traits: spiritual, quiet)
Francisco Liriano: 0-2 start, respectable WHIP (1.20), second in team K's


Chavez y Chavez.jpg







"Dick" (cautious, loyal)
Kevin Slowey: crazy 7.94 ERA through two starts, 4 HR's allowed, but at least he has a win












"Dirty Steve" (knucklehead, wayward)
Nick Blackburn: two starts, no wins, just 2 K's and a 5.73 ERA





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