Bachmann: Obama orgy, pissed about prayer, GOP's biggest embarrassment?


We know you were worried, but feel free to officially relax. Rep. Michele Bachmann is still saying crazy things and we've got them all covered right here for you. Bachmann withdrawal can be a a tough thing to overcome, so that's why we present to you... Bachmann's Obama orgies! Bring it!

Check out all of her greatest moments from this week below.

Perhaps her best moment this week came during her speech at the Anti-Tax rally Saturday when she proclaimed the administration had engaged in an "orgy" of spending and "spent its wad" too early. We couldn't say it better ourselves.

Watch the video here (quote starts at 3:30):

Besides orgies, what else is Bachmann upset about? President Obama's lack of interest in celebrating the National Day of Prayer. She also made news this week after the Washington Independent reported on her unusual friendship with Republican Ron Paul. A group of Republicans have regular luncheons to talk politics and Bachmann is a new member of the group.
But the most prominent new face is Bachmann, the rising conservative star who left C-SPAN and YouTube watchers scratching their heads with a constitutional grilling that seemed to puzzle Geithner. "What provision in the Constitution could you point to to give authority for the actions that have been taken by the Treasury since March of '08?" asked Bachmann during a hearing on March 24. "What in the Constitution could you point to to give authority to the Treasury's extraordinary actions that have been taken?"

Bachmann "goes to these luncheons on a weekly basis," said Debbee Keller, Bachmann's press secretary.

"I had a feeling she'd have some interest in the book," said Woods, "because she asked some good questions. She was taking notes. She was asking if this or that point could be found in the book. I thought I recognized a sincere person who wanted knowledge, not the usual politician who couldn't care less about what the truth is and just wanted to propagandize."

Paul didn't take credit for turning Bachmann on to Austrian theory ("He'll give credit to everyone on the planet except himself," laughed Woods) but said he was pleased to see more members of Congress delving into economics. "She's very open to studying," said Paul. "In fact, she's been working really hard to get me back to Minneapolis. She says, 'You'll get such a great reception there!'"
Bachmann's main talking point this week: ACORN. Her proposal to restrict funding for ACORN's mortgage counseling based on alleged voter-registration fraud made it to the House floor Thursday where things got a little testy. Bachmann continues to interrupt Rep. Barney Frank and has to get a reminder about House rules.

So Vanity Fair couldn't resist asking: Is Bachmann the GOP's biggest embarrassment? According to those polled, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh top her in that category. But we do know she is 6th most chatty member of Congress and fifth most partisan.

Another week, another political rant. We can't wait to see what Bachmann drowns the airwaves with next week.

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