Comcast fail: Show listings put porn flicks alongside Hannah Montana

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Another win for Comcast and all innocent children. When little Susie wants to see when Hannah Montana would be on the Disney channel, she might stumble across an even better option for her afternoon viewing pleasure: Busty Virgins.

The Comcast on-screen program guide is unfortunately numbered and Twin Cities customers can see what's on Disney and several pay-per-view porn channels at the same time. A pedophile's dream come true.

After a parent complained to the Star Tribune, a reporter contacted the company. They said the listing system was unfortunate and plans to make some changes to protect the children from the pay-per-view young and horny ladies.

More from the Star Tribune:
Earlier this month, Ian Goodson discovered this close encounter. It disturbed him because his 9-year-old daughter regularly checks the programming guide to see what's playing on ABC Family HD and Disney HD. Even though all she might see are a few suggestive words, rather than the programs themselves, Goodson does not want his daughter to stumble upon the obscene while seeking out the wholesome.

"At noon there's pornography right above the kids' channel stuff," said Goodson, 28, a sales rep who lives in Minnetonka. "It just doesn't make any logical sense at all."
Comcast says they will change the program guide for Twin Cities customers by placing dummy channels in between the children's programming and the XXX.

If you want to completely remove the dirty from your cable selection, Comcast can help you out using the remote. Check out Comcast for more details or call 1-866-781-1888. But who would really want to do that? Those pay-per-view channels come in handy (literally) when the kiddos go to bed.

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