Cop busts car with mobile cooking meth lab at gas station

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Here are a couple idiot of the day suggestions, thanks to someone who learned it the hard way:

-Don't cook methamphetamine in your car. Dumb.
-Don't have a mobile meth lab in a car where the driver has a suspended license and a warrant out for their arrest. Common sense, folks.
-If you see a cop also getting gas at the station, come back later. Just to play it safe.
-Just don't run meth labs. Period.
-Give up on life.

A cop in Maple Plain busted two men from Independence when he stopped at a convenience store to fill up his gas tank. The cop did a routine check of license plates and discovered this person had a warrant out for their arrest and proceeded to search the car. And there it was! A cooking meth lab, in the car!

More from the Star Tribune:
A 48-year-old Independence man and a passenger, a 27-year-old man also from Independence, were arrested last week on suspicion of drug manufacture.

Shortly before 1 p.m. on April 28, the 48-year-old man pulled into Olson's Market, on Hwy. 12, towing another vehicle on a dolly. A West Hennepin police officer had stopped for gas there. A routine check of the license plate on the vehicle showed that the owner had a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest. The vehicle was stopped, and the driver and his passenger were arrested.

A search of the vehicle revealed an overwhelming odor of ammonia. Drug paraphernalia, containers and other items were located "that confirmed the presence of a methamphetamine lab," said West Hennepin Public Safety Director Ray McCoy.
Drug investigators confirmed one container had anhydrous ammonia and amphetamine that must be "cooked" to make meth.

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