Man accused of flashing girl at MOA Disney Store, masturbating to mannequin

You know that "creepy man" story you read in the news and repeat to all your buddies at the bar? Scratch that and use this one instead. This is probably the best penis sighting story so far this year (or ever).

A Minnesota man is accused of getting a little too adventurous with his penis at the Mall of America this month. He is charged with criminal sexual conduct for two different incidents and could face a one-year prison sentence.

Let's just say this story involves the Disney Store, a 6-year-old, and a mannequin dressed in underwear.

Police say Marcus Nelson, 39, of St. Paul, approached a 6-year-old girl May 3 at the MOA Disney Store with his penis hanging out, according to WCCO. He asked the girl, "Did you see it?"

She definitely did and promptly told her mother about it. She was able to describe the man to police.

Just six days later, Nelson was allegedly caught in another store masturbating while peeking down the underwear of a mannequin. Who wouldn't get a little turned on removing the underwear from an unwilling mannequin, right?

When police arrested him, what did they find in his bag? A ticket for indecent exposure.

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