MSP plane crash: Don't worry folks, it's just a drill

If you see smoke billowing from a plane sitting a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport runway Tuesday morning, please refrain from resorting to pure panic mode. The airport will be conducting a drill where a "Newton Airlines" jet crashes after "suspicious activity". There will be actual smoke if the weather permits.

We smell jet fuel burning.

The drill will start at 9 a.m. and run until noon. Federal aviation officials require these drills every three years if the airport has commercial flights.

Is there a place to sign up to be a pretend plane crash victim? Last time we attended a disaster drill, we had to pretend to be a journalist and that just isn't as fun as limping off a burning plane or tumbling down the inflatable plane slide. We'd like to be the "pushy" passengers that selfishly shove the pregnant woman aside to save ourselves.

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