Mullet guy raising money to donate tacky car

Image courtesy of MGSpiller on Flickr
Local mullet guy Jake Nyberg has turned his hair joke into a charity fund drive. He's trying to raise money to donate a Trans Am to Easter Seals. We really didn't see this coming.

For the past month, the St. Paul man has been on a mission to uncover "mulletism" -- discrimination against mulleted Americans based on their bad hair. He cut his hair into a mullet, and has been chronicling his experiences on his blog, He's been snarked at and snubbed by J. Crew store employees and fancy grocery story clerks.

Today, he apparently decided to channel his pain for a good cause. Nyberg's asking for money to buy a crappy car -- TransAm or Camaro -- which he'll then donate to Goodwill's car donation program. So far, he's raised $143.95. Jake, we wish you well.

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