Teenager goes on day-long trek to collect essentials: car, laptop, porn

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Teenage boy goes on 50-mile adventure to collect dude essentials: car, laptop, and porn
After escaping from a treatment facility in St. Cloud, a 13-year-old boy went on a 50-mile adventure in central Minnesota. And what did he collect on his journey? A car, laptop and porn. What else do you really need in life? That's our kind of kid.

How a Minnesota immigrant turned suicide bomber in Somalia
The Star Tribune profiles the man now known as the Minnesota suicide bomber: Shirwa Ahmed. Ahmed, 26, disappeared to Somalia where he took part in a suicide bombing in his home country. Why did his life end this way?

Backyard mulch killing dogs, Minnesota legislators take action
Cocoa bean shells, which are growing in popularity as landscaping mulch, got an hour's worth of debate in the Minnesota Legislature Tuesday. Lawmakers want signs posted warning about the potential dangers to dogs who eat the shells. The main concern: What language should it be written in so dogs get the memo?

Twins Target Field can't get enough of the stank
There were a lot of concerns when the stadium was in construction that the municipal waste station next door would create some stinky fumes for baseball fans. Well at least the place will bring something good to the stadium: steam heat.

Should state forgive Xcel Energy Center's loan?
The Minnesota House has this grand idea in their economic budget Tuesday to forgive the Xcel Energy Center loan in exchange for the construction of "The Pond" community ice facility across the street. The plan would forgive $32 million of the loan. "Under the plan, the city would continue to pay on the loan for four more years and then use the money that would have gone to repay the debt to instead build The Pond, a community ice facility across from Xcel Energy Center that would in part be used by the Minnesota Wild as a practice arena." Why do we need another ice arena?

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