Bank robber admits he tried to hide from police under couch cushion

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It's bad enough to be busted robbing a bank. Now just imagine police finding you hiding under a couch cushion in the neighborhood where you committed the crime. That's no way for a courageous robber to go down.

Esley Andre Reid, 30, pleaded guilty Thursday to armed robbery in February at the Wells Fargo on 34th Avenue South in Minneapolis.

According to the plea agreement, Reid approached tellers before 7 a.m. as they were opening the branch. He was wearing a ski mask and had a black revolver and told the tellers to get the money. He made off with more than $2,600.

More from the Star Tribune:
A resident in the 4900 block of 37th Avenue S. called police and said that a man dressed in black was on the porch.

Officers found Reid hiding under a couch cushion on the porch. He attempted to flee but was subdued.

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