Bad idea: Teens burn St. Paul home with fireworks

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Photo by mandj98
Apparently lighting fireworks on the porch is a bad idea.

Two St. Paul teens learned that lesson early Monday morning when their fireworks display started a fire, burning through their duplex on Roblyn Avenue.

The two teens tried to put out the fire with pans of water before they called 911. Fire crews were able to douse the blaze, and everyone escaped the fire without serious injury.

From the Star Tribune:
The fire left 13 people homeless because "they had a little fun at 1 a.m. in the morning," said Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard. "They didn't do anything criminal but what they did was stupid and careless. The important message here is that just because [fireworks] are legal doesn't mean they are safe."
Kudos to St. Paul firefighters who claim a four-minute average response time to fire calls.

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