Pawlenty will sign Franken's election certificate today

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Gov. Tim Pawlenty released a statement on the Minnesota Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Al Franken. The statement, released after Norm Coleman conceded, says Pawlenty will sign the election certificate today.

Check out the full statement below.
The Minnesota Supreme Court has today addressed the issues surrounding the accuracy and integrity of our election system during the 2008 U.S. Senate race in Minnesota. In light of that decision and Senator Coleman's announcement that he will not be pursuing an appeal, I will be signing the election certificate today as directed by the court and applicable law.

I would like to thank Senator Coleman for his service. As state solicitor general, Mayor of Saint Paul and United States Senator, he has been an extraordinary leader and public servant for Minnesota.

I also want to congratulate Al Franken and wish him well as he serves the people of Minnesota.

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