Twelfth time's the charm: Ex-KFAN host Dubay faces year in jail

Categories: Crime, Drugs
How many times can you get another chance to stop snorting the coke before the world has to give up on you and put you away for awhile. For former KFAN radio host, the magic number was 12?

Jeff Dubay was originally busted for fifth-degree drug possession. He was fired from his job after he was charged in October. He was given a big second chance and placed into a year-long program to get clean and get his charged dismissed. That apparently wasn't enough to help him turn things around. He was kicked out of that program and given another chance through the Substance Abuse Court in March.

Well, that didn't do the trick either. Dubay tested positive for cocaine 12 times and didn't report for urine tests 11 times since January. Yikes.

Dubay will be sentenced July 21. He could face a year in jail, based on sentencing guidelines.

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