Twisdom: Al Franken's win

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Twitter was abuzz on Tuesday afternoon when news broke that Al Franken would officially become Minnesota's next senator. 

Around 2:12 p.m. at our @citypages account, we simply reported "FRANKEN WINS", which was re-Tweeted around the Twitterverse at lightning speed until details broke.  What followed was some great Twisdom from our readers, peers, and fellow media.

@MikeRylander: Hey @pawlenty - PLEASE follow the will of the people... You are a governor, not a king. #DemocracyInAction RT @citypages FRANKEN WINS


@dbrauer: Bush-league to the end RT @theuptake Coleman staffer @tjerickson tells us we can't film prsr cuz we're not real news. We have Capitol creds.

@derushaj: I'm going to answer Sup Co/Franken questions at ten. Looking for yours... Stuff that wouldn't be in our main news story.

@allahpundit: Franken's election is the modern equivalent to Caligula putting his horse in the Roman senate [Well, just the back half.]

@captainjanis: CNN STOP TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON. this isn't breaking news anymore. what about Al Franken? Plane crash? Iraq? Iran? NEWS????

@nandofern: Go Al Franken go!

@PhilipArsenault: Coleman conceding. Franken now 60th Dem senator. Will Repubs in Senate block him? Will Gov Pawlenty sign off?


@JenningsIJ: Minnesotans are bat-shit crazy for voting for Al Franken.

@ThunderPup44: Coleman concedes; Al Franken is now the Senator from Minnesota. Good enough, smart enough and some people liked him.

@theuptake: Coleman: As to my future plans, that's a subject for another day.

@mobile_drew: Oh was there a re-count? Kinda forgot all about it. RT @citypages: Strib says Coleman will concede: #startribune

@s4xton: En route to the Franken presser. Just iPhone, no camera, so I'll be pushing to twitpic.

@mritchie: I will sign the election certificate sometime later today - as soon as the Governor signs.

@MPR: Minnesota has 2 senators. Back to regularly scheduled tweeting. Follow @mprpolitics for more continuing in-depth coverage.

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