Best Buy job qualification: 250+ Twitter followers

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Best Buy is looking for a few good tweeps--about 250, to be exact.

A recent Computerworld Canada story broke the news that the retailing giant's help wanted ad for a Senior Manager-Emerging Marketing position at its Richfield, MN corporate headquarters listed two job qualifications: "a graduate degree and 250+ followers on Twitter."

Now why would they do that?

Michael O'Connor Clarke, vice president at Thornley Fallis Communications: "This is the first time I've seen somebody be as simultaneously direct and oblique as this," he said.

Clarke speculates the approach is a shorthand way to weed out applications from people who just say they know social networking and those who can provide demonstrated expertise and presence in the space.

"They're signaling that they want somebody who understands the space well and at least has some established presence in that area. I can't think of many other ways to signal that ... than say you have to have a certain number of followers," he said.

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