Between a prostitute and a hard place: Woman allegedly extorts $7K from pastor

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Photo by cellardoore
When a pastor thought it would be fun to visit an exotic dancer at her home in Fargo, we're thinking he didn't realize it would result in the woman allegedly extorting $7,000 of hush money and the eventual tattling to his wife and the church leadership about their sex.

A 46-year-old exotic dancer, Bunny Annette Byington, is charged with extorting $7,000 from a married pastor in exchange for keeping their relationship a secret from his wife and his church leaders. When he stopped paying, she did just that and exposed the man.

When the flow of hush money dried up, Byington didn't hesitate to bust the pastor. She allegedly told his wife, a senior pastor, and an assistant to the bishop about their sexy fun time.

She didn't stop there. She also sent the bishop a photo of the pastor in his underwear and a T-shirt. Stick it to him, honey.

The relationship started three years ago, according to the complaint. The exotic dancer invited him to her home for dances and he eventually paid her for sex.

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