Saints to turn Midway into social media orgy Thursday

No word on whether they'll pull this off in pajamas and bathrobes, but the St. Paul Saints said Tuesday they plan to turn Midway Stadium into a giant social media orgy on July 23 when they host the Lincoln Saltdogs at 7:05 p.m.

The Saints want their players, coaches, staff and fans to update their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages during the game. As the updates come in, the ball club plans to stream them onto the Saints videoboard. Anyone tweeting about game night is being asked by the club to add the hash tag #saintstweetup to updates to try and make the Saints the first minor league baseball team to become a trending topic on the social media site.

The club's Web site says pitching coach Jason Verdugo plans to tweet during a trip to the mound to speak with one of his pitchers. Other players and coaches are expected to tweet from the dugout. Ushertainer Mudonna, massaging nun Sister Ros, beer vendor Trixster and Superfan are also expected to offer insights in 140 characters or less.
State Farm Insurance is sponsoring the tweetup. MinnPost (@minnpost) will live-tweet game coverage.

Talk about grabbing Web 2.0 by the balls. 

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