Riding with Cyclopath-- The online bicycle route planner

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There's always a great hope that someday cyclists can plan a trip online. Think GoogleMaps. But few programs exist and the ones that do don't have the ability to change, say, if the street is under construction or a rider finds the bike lane abuts a heavy traffic street.

Yet we just stumbled upon Cyclopath, a wiki-powered bike trip planner that seems to have it right. Even if it is still in it's beta form.

The project is a GoupLens creation, they're a research group from the University of Minnesota.

About the project: the website encourages riders to sign up for a free account to personalize their trip plan (think bicycle friendliest routes). Or you can just use the site anonymously if you so choose.

We tested a time honored route: the Wedge Coop to City Pages headquarters.

It gave us this:

We give the program props for leading us over the bicycle bridge. Yes, it is annoying. But yes, it's also a better route than jamming through the Franklin/Lyndale intersection.

And just like cycling, the more people who do it, the better it gets. Happy riding. Happy online route planning.

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