Stimulus cash will extend bike trail to Twins ballpark

via wiki
If the new light rail stop in front of Target Field doesn't get you to the new ballpark without your car, maybe the new bike trail will.

A current Minneapolis bike trail will be extended to the Twins stadium with $1.2 million in federal stimulus cash.

The trail will be an extension of the Cedar Lake Trail that currently ends right outside of downtown. There will be about eight to 10 construction people employed on the site later this year. The trail will also take cyclists directly to the train stops outside the stadium.

There is a rule against using the stimulus for sports stadiums, but the Hennepin County project coordinator said this isn't breaking any rules. It's a bike trail after all.

Check out a map of the Cedar Lake Trail here and find your connecting routes on the citywide bike map here.

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How many bikes need to be stolen at the Twins Stadium before the the Twins post a security guard at the bike racks during games?  Games are open season for bikes thieves - two of mine were stolen during last Thursday's game. 

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