Another Lake Harriet sailboat torched

Categories: Crime
Photo by tzk333
Some people have a serious problem with the sailboats on Lake Harriet. Or these punk teenage suspects are really pushing their luck.

After one boat was torched last weekend and several others were ransacked, police are investigating another instance of arson on a boat. Witnesses to the Aug. 9 crime said it was a group of teenagers who jumped on their bikes after and took off laughing. This second instance happened at the same time in the morning on a Sunday.

Police believe one of the teens may have been riding a 2007 or 2008 Raleigh model 'Retro Cruiser-I' bicycle.

If you have any information, contact Sgt. Sean McKenna of the Minneapolis Arson Squad at (612) 673-3389 or the Arson Hotline at (800) 723-2020.

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