Trade in your Favre jersey for a $4 hotel stay

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Photo by silwenae
Hotel Minneapolis has shown their Brett Favre pride... or shame? The quarterback is now in purple and the hotel wants you to get rid of those Packer jerseys.

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, guests can trade in their Favre Packer jerseys in exchange for a $4 hotel stay. However guests must stay for two regular-priced nights to get the third night for $4. It is running through NFL season and will be available on the weekends.
The cause is a good one, the jerseys will be donated to the Boys and Girls club.

The general manager of the hotel said that they are trying to reach out to everyone who is happy or upset by the signing of Brett Favre to the Vikings.

The move has already improved Vikings ticket sales along with the Vikings merchandise.  There are already purple Favre jerseys being worn around the Twin Cities.  Maybe we can get rid of those next.

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