Groom accused of taking bride on drunken post-wedding motorcycle ride, crashing

A drunken spin on your motorcycle. There's really no better way to celebrate your wedding day. Except when you crash, injure your bride, and end up arrested.

James Olson, 26, allegedly took his bride, Taffie Olson, out for a wedding night ride wearing their tuxedo and dress to celebrate in Waite Park. At about 9 p.m. Saturday, James Olson lost control of the motorcycle on the wet roads, throwing Taffie Olson.

The bride broke her wrist and leg in the accident. The groom was fine, but was arrested and sent to jail. He is facing possible drunk driving charges for the accident.

So much for buying a new blender and toaster oven. This groom will probably be using their wedding checks to pay off a DWI charge and fix his bike. What a way to start off your happy life together.

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