KDWB rubs in Favre mania at Lambeau with "Moved Cheese" prank

Categories: Brett Favre

KDWB's Dave Ryan sure knows how to rile up some Wisconsinites. We can fully appreciate the ability to tick off hardcore Packers fans despite our strong dislike of Brett Favre.

During the Saturday Green Bay-Buffal game at Lambeau Field, Ryan sent a plane carrying a big fat "Suck it" sign for all fans to see.

What did it say? "Hey Packers we moved your cheese!"

Check out the video below.

Here is what he told the Pioneer Press about the prank:
"We did it because it was the biggest story out there and nobody tows anything behind an airplane anymore," said Ryan. "We just wanted to have some fun and take advantage of the most overblown news story of the year."

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