Photo of squirrel going viral

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Look at it. Ponder it. Drink it in. (That is, if you haven't already).

If the dramatic chipmunk has taught us anything, it's that people love them some fuzzy vermin adopting humanoid mannerisms when cameras are around.

The pic above was taken by Jackson and Melissa Brandts in May while the couple was hiking around Lake Minnewanka in Alberta, Canada. After setting up a remote-activated camera, a curious squirrel, evidently enraptured by the shutter snapping, gazed into the device and snap-click! an online star was born.

The Brandts submitted the photo to National Geographic's "Your Shot" contest, where voting visitors to the site have made it the number one image. Google "squirrel" and it's the first result to pop up. Even the Strib posted a write-up on it this afternoon.



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